Relocating for Flight School: $500 Offer!

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Following your dreams often requires taking big steps in a new direction. When it comes to pursuing a career in aviation, moving is just one factor in finding and attending a reputable flight school to help you become an excellent pilot.

It’s important that your flight school fulfills the following:

  • Maintains an impeccable safety record
  • Employs attentive instructors
  • Provides financing options
  • Hires graduates for Certified Flight Instructor positions
  • Quick access to numerous and diverse training environments
  • Located in a city where you would love to live, work, and fly!

In the case of Leading Edge Aviation, our location in Bend, Oregon means that students not only live in one of the best places to call home in the U.S., but also in a location with one of the most diverse training environments. Mountain ranges next door, desert in our backyard, and close access to the Oregon coast provide a wealth of training opportunities that prepare students for all types of flying.

However beautiful the location of your chosen flight school, moving to a new city is a major undertaking and the associated costs can be daunting. We are certain that once you make the jump you won’t regret it and to help you take that first step towards pursuing your career in aviation we are excited to offer a

$500 Relocation Reimbursement

This reimbursement opportunity assures that your moving process is smooth so that you can focus on becoming an excellent pilot at the top flight training facility in the country. It is our hope that with this reimbursement you won’t let the cost of moving get in the way of your dreams and goals.

When you choose to attend flight school in Bend, Oregon, you have the option to pursue your training directly through Leading Edge Aviation or through Central Oregon Community College, where you can earn your Associate of Applied Sciences degree while achieving your ratings. As a student of Central Oregon Community College, you also have access to a number of financial aid and financing opportunities. Regardless of which track you choose, we want to help you achieve your goal of becoming a pilot.

Contact the Leading Edge Aviation admissions team today to learn more about this limited offer, at or 541-383-8825

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