In partnership with Sundance Helicopters, the SkyPath Program is a a pathway to success for our most motivated students. Through a rigorous vetting process during training, these students are fast-tracked in their career path, launching them towards future successes and a plethora of opportunity.

Leading Edge Aviation was selected as the flagship training academy for this groundbreaking program due to our thorough training curriculum, consistency in safety practices, and the excellent reputations of Leading Edge graduates, known for their skills and integrity.

“All of the people who ever have come from Leading Edge are awesome… the school does it right and, if you guys walk out of here with them patting you on the back, you are going to have an awesome career.”

Mark Schaefli, Director of Operations, Sundance Helicopters




Apply to Leading Edge Flight Academy and begin your training


When you reach the CFI stage of your training and have received a recommendation from your Chief Pilot, you can opt-in to the program. Sundance personnel will then be present for your CFI interview with Leading Edge


If you are successful, you will flight instruct with Leading Edge to gain necessary hours and experience


Once you have gained the appropriate flight hours (TBD), and with continued recommendation from Leading Edge Aviation, Sundance will guarantee you an interview for a position as a Tour Pilot


If successful, you will work for Sundance in Las Vegas, NV or one of their other bases of operation and continue to develop experience and skills


What’s Next

When you have gained the necessary experience and are ready to pursue the next step in your career, Sundance is dedicated to assisting you however possible by utilizing their industry-wide operations and connections


The SkyPath program is designed to provide you with mentorship and guidance alongside tangible steps towards your career goals. We are excited to offer this unique program to our students!