Leading Edge Aviation of Bend, Oregon announces company expansion into redmond municipal airport/ Roberts Field

As of Wednesday, July 1, 2015 Leading Edge Jet Center is approved by the Redmond City Council to conduct Fixed Base Operator (FBO) services at the Redmond Airport (RDM).

Beginning July 30, 2015, Leading Edge Jet Center, a subsidiary of Leading Edge Aviation of Bend, Oregon, will provide general FBO services, including fueling and maintenance, as well as aircraft avionics repair and installation and on demand charter services to Redmond, Oregon.

Leading Edge Jet Center will lease a total of 3.74 acres on the north side of the Roberts field. Leased space includes an FBO office, Maintenance and Storage hangar, and fuel farm.

While the initial lease term will bring tenant improvements to the current FBO facility, LEJC projects a more long-term plan which includes a complete rebuild of the facility to meet the amenities and stature of the RDM terminal.

“Leading Edge Jet Center will continue to grow and expand to support local aviation needs, as well as attract new transient traffic to the Redmond Airport.” –Brad Fraley, President, LEJC

Beginning as Leading Edge Avionics in 1989, and later changing ownership and company name in 2005, Leading Edge Aviation (LEA) of Bend, Oregon has grown to more than 75 employees, and hosts six different business segments, including FBO services, Part 141 airplane and helicopter flight instruction, Part 145 certified repair station/service center, Robinson helicopter overhaul, helicopter charter, and avionics service and installation.

With aspiration to grow and further meet the needs of local aviators, Leading Edge Aviation formed the 100% wholly owned subsidiary Leading Edge Jet Center LLC (LEJC) to provide FBO services, with plans to expand into other regions.