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New Horizons

Service Legacy

In 2015 Leading Edge expanded into the Redmond Municipal Airport. We are happy to provide full service FBO amenities to the Redmond Airport, including a full time avionics shop, professional maintenance services and on-demand helicopter charter.


Our Clients

Our clients range from government agencies to individuals, both domestic and international. With over fifteen years of experience, we’ve worked with all the major airplane and helicopter manufacturers.



We are committed to helping our customers reach their aviation goals by providing the safest, highest quality flight training and FBO services at affordable prices. We strive for excellence and integrity every day in the support of our customers and our employees.

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Our Background

Leading Edge’s management team has over 35,000 hours of flight experience and over 100 years in the industry, cumulative. Our experience has allowed us to build scenarios into the training program at each level to prepare you for the challenges you will face in the industry. 

our team

Leading Edge's management team has over 35,000 hours of flight experience and over 100 years in the industry, cumulative.READ MORE [+]


Flight Training: Preparation for your Career, from Day One Altitude. Located at 3400 feet the Bend Airport (BDN) altitude is ideal for mountain flying. READ...

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Expertise. Competence.

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Curriculum is a key component to your ability to thrive as a pilot. We have a comprehensive curriculum chalked full of Scenario Based Training. Career Development Opportunities, including resume writing assistance, placement assistance and OJT are available to our graduates. Leading Edge’s employment rate is one of the highest in the country. We work with you to direct your training in such a way as to give you a competitive advantage over other applicants when applying for a job.

Aircraft: LEA offers three distinct options based on your career goals:

First Flight to First Officer: By maximizing your Multi Engine time, graduates are better prepared to move into medium and large commercial operations.

Adventure: This training program allows students to use a mix of single and multi engine aircraft to prepare them for light commercial work such as Agriculture, Banner Towing, Fire Fighting and Flight Instruction.

Personal Pleasure: Training in our aircraft or yours, the personal route trains students for the type of flying they wish to do privately.

Leading Edge works in conjunction with Central Oregon Community College which allows you to use military benefits, and have easy access to financial aid, scholarships and student loans.